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Davie residents know a thing or two about bridging the gap between strengths and sought-after applicability with friendly, well-organized presentations. One call to Davie Pro Concrete Company gets you more of the same. Not only do we offer the finest construction in concrete, brick, and natural stone, but you’re going to find a professional attitude that runs deeper than any veneer. Our certified team will take down all the information they need while answering any questions of your own. We do jobs indoors or out, large or small. These include countertops, patios, flooring, driveways, pool decks, and more excellent quality concrete services in Davie, FL. Give us a call today at (954) 799-4773 to turn that idea of yours into reality.


Concrete is a versatile material that can be used to create almost anything. Contractors have been coloring and staining concrete since 1890 to meet the needs of their clients. In the 1950s, experiments with concrete stamping began, resulting in the creation of tools for creating complex patterns. Exposed aggregate surfaces also became popular at this time, as they offered a slip-resistant texture with a crystalline look. Concrete thus became even more multifaceted, able to meet the diverse needs of those who use it.

Today Davie Pro Concrete Company uses modern techniques to achieve all of these plus lots more. Our stained concrete looks deep and rich as pure marble. With stamped concrete, we can give you the look of just about any kind of natural stone, brick, or even wood. Not interested in being decorative? We’ll keep things clean and simple with concrete slabs poured directly on-site. Driveways, patios, outdoor fireplaces, pool decks, and kitchen countertops are just the beginning of what we offer in concrete construction. Hit us up to get things rolling.

Natural Stone

Hardscape construction made with natural stone is not only alluring but also long-lasting. Davie Pro Concrete Company builds with materials such as limestone, travertine, marble, granite, and cobblestone to reach these heights. In fact, anything we can build with concrete or brick can be constructed using natural stone. Our clients especially love our granite kitchen countertops because they’re tougher than Formica and resistant to scratches. Travertine pool decks are not only quite beautiful but offer a stable walking surface for wet feet. Then come to our stone columns using a veneer or stacked stone. All of these and more we can bring to your home.


After seeing the stunning results of our work with the brick, many of our clients pursue its use for their own homes and businesses. With retaining walls, stairs, fireplaces and even pool coping made from brick, you can achieve a handsome old-time colonial look. And since bricks are porous, they provide excellent traction to prevent slips around pools. We can also attach a thinner layer of brick veneer to a concrete backing or construct walkways and other horizontal surfaces using brick pavers.

We lay courses in almost any bond type that appeals to you, or compliments the environment in question. Our brick walls or retaining walls are not only sturdy and strong, but look positively dashing in the bargain. To find out even more about what we can do with brick, contact us today.

Davie Pro Concrete Company is where you can find the best in concrete, brick, and natural stone construction. Call us for a free estimate at (954) 799-4773.

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